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with Gasthaus Linde

Gasthaus zur Linde


... it's Friday. Leathers, helmet and machine promise the end of daily grind and (almost) boundless weekend fun.

Where to? No problem!
Ring up Klaus in Oberwolfach !

Your bike will be securely parked in his garage. After a beautiful candle-light dinner Klaus describes the route for Saturday on a large road map. He is an excellent cook and a passionate biker! In the neighbouring pensions and hotels you’ll find a comfortable bed..After return and dinner, you will have another briefing regarding your home ward travel, which should also be as varied as possible. By the way, Klaus does almost everything for the biker. He is one of you.

Well, is this something of interest for you ?


Klaus has ridden along the most beautiful routes for you - Black Forest, Vogesen, and so on...
and he has an extensive collection of maps and descriptions of routes.


Good food, in a relaxed atmospere, with Klaus in the "Linde", a 350 years old house with special flair. You’ll find comfortable overnight accommodation with individual service at the neughbouring hotels and pensions.


Free parking for your bike in a 120m² large garage with washing facilities. Use of the tool cabinet is free too!
After dinner with Klaus, the route is discussed for the next day; this briefing is free of course.

Nothing can go wrong now!


Is this ok ? You just have to ride your motorcycle - we take care of the rest.

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